Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fire Dancer Review

I have long been a fan of Colleen Coble (she has become a good friend over the last year) and looked forward to the release of this book. Set in Arizona, Fire Dancer sweeps you into the world of fire jumpers. Only in this story, one of the fire jumpers is haunted by a fire that killed her parents.

Colleen Coble is noted for making her setting almost a character in its own right. This book was no different. I could hear the rush of the fire and feel its heat as I read. And I could see the harsh Arizona landscape.

The characters are real and fallible, each trapped in their experiences in some way. The cast of characters is deep. Each one has a unique story, and they add to the conflict and growth of the story. Tess is surrounded by a group of firefighters, family and ranch hands that reflect different parts of her background and current challenges.

Tess is forced by circumstances to confront her guilt and fears when she returns home. She also has to confront her anger that her father left part of the ranch to a man she views as an interloper. When an arson investigation calls the fire that killed her parents into question, Tess hunts for answers.

While I tried to figure out who was setting the new fires and might be behind the older barn fire, I couldn't before the plot revealed the answer. And I was unprepared for some of the revelations, even though the clues had been carefully laid earlier in the book.

The romance was fulfilling as was the mystery. I recommend this book for those who love a well-plotted romantic suspense.

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Crystal said...

Cool! I'll be sure to get it. We're supposed to play (our band) for the fire fighters Christmas party. Maybe I should get them copies! It's a thought.


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