Thursday, October 05, 2006

Check it out!

Karen Hossink has a new book out, Confessions of an Irritable Mother. I haven't read it yet and as a mom who's never irritable (wait, was that my nose growing), I'm sure I can't glean anything from it. Her husband is InterVarsity staff up in Michigan and went to college with my husband many moons ago at Purdue. (JK, honey!) Her blog, Surviving Motherhood, is new but looks fun. So when you're feeling overwhelmed by this wonderful job called mothering (come on, admit it, you do feel that way occasionally), check out her blog for some fresh perspective.


Irritable Mother said...

Thanks for your support, Cara!

I have thought many times, if God will use my difficult times as a mother to bring encouragment to other moms, it will be worth it. I was commenting to someone today that whoever reads my book is going to learn an awful lot about my family and my struggles. But again, the vulnerability is going to be my gift other struggling moms.

Thanks again,

Crystal said...

That is so cool. Anything to help out in the adventure of motherhood (I'm almost to the point of watching them all be gone from the nest.) And my husband, brother, best friends and kid went to Purdue--so we have black and gold all over the place. Go Boilers! ha


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