Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wishing on Dandelions

Today I started reading Wishing on Dandelions, the latest fiction release by Mary DeMuth. At the ACFW conference I had the honor and privilege of learning under her during the continuing sessions. After a year of reading her posts to the ACFW list and on her blogs, her heart was as transparent in living color.

Wishing on Dandelions picks up Maranatha's story several years after Watching the Tree Limbs. It is an honest and gripping look at the life of a teenager who is coming into her own; struggling with the shadows of her past as she looks to the future. And Maranatha's attempts to find God and accept His love in spite of everything that's happened to her.

Mary's writing is vivid and gripping. As I read it, I can sense that every word is carefully selected and used because it's the very best choice. Publisher's Weekly says that "DeMuth writes with poignancy and grace." I have to agree. And I hope that someday I write with the skill and honesty that Mary does.

I encourage you to look for her books.

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relevantgirl said...

Cara, thanks so much for your kindness and lovely words.


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