Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Women's Health Articles

I found a couple interesting health articles on MSNBC last night. You just never know what will catch my attention.

One article was on a new study that found women who have children later in life are healthier than those who don't. And having children spaced too closely together isn't good for you either -- moms or dads. What I want to know is who comes up with these study ideas? And how on earth do they get their data?????

Then there's the study that "proves" that women dress differently when they ovulate. I'm not sure a study of 30 college age gals is broad enough to prove anything, but it's an interesting thought.

Final note: Ms. Magazine, in the issue released yesterday, leads with controversy: "We had an Abortion." I haven't seen it yet, but the MSNBC article states more than 5,000 women have signed the petition. While abortion-rights groups call it a watershed moment in their efforts to legitimize abortion, the article highlights the complexity of the decision even while it's lopsided. The San Francisco Chronicle quotes the publisher as saying the intent was to give a face to abortion.

For another perspective on this, check out these links: The American Spectator, American Life League, Catholic Exchange, and Cybercast News Service.

My heart cries for the women who have had an abortion, regardless of the reason. I pray that God will bring healing to all who have been effected. Healing is what we truly need.

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Sabrina L. Fox said...

I read the articles. Something that bothers me about this is the idea that they’re almost proud of the fact they had an abortion.

I, too, hurt for these women. I can’t imagine the anguish they must face at some point in their lives. Although, it seems like most say they don’t struggle with their decision. For many years it’s been taboo to even talk about, let alone say “Hey, I had an abortion.” It worries me that we’re becoming desensitized to the whole subject.

This comment jumped off the page at me. "We recognize that, still, not every woman will be able to sign today—33 years after Roe—even though abortion is a very common, necessary and important procedure for millions of women in the U.S."

A common, necessary and important procedure?? Sigh. I can't even think of an educated way to respond to that!

(sorry for the long comment)


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