Monday, October 23, 2006

Things I love about my husband

OOPS! Eric pointed out this morning that he isn't on my earlier list. Big, glaring OOPS. (Tricia, here's an example for Generation NeXt Parenting!) I really thought he was there. Sigh.

So here's my top ten list of things I LOVE about Eric:
  1. He loves God whole-heartedly.
  2. He loves me :-)
  3. He loves football as much as I do.
  4. He is a phenomenal Dad to our kids.
  5. He's a good friend...and cautious about those he invests time in.
  6. He's an avid reader.
  7. He's a great help when I need a plot twist.
  8. He's a great provider for our family.
  9. He's a phenomenal fundraiser.
  10. And he's an excellent listener.

So if you haven't got the picture, I am blessed among women and very grateful that God brought a girl from Nebraska and a boy from Indiana to the same leadership conference in Nebraska in 1990. Only He could have orchestrated that!

What do you love about your spouse?

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