Friday, October 27, 2006

Affirmative Action in the News

Last night I spent over two hours on the phone with internet tech support (EXTREMELY frustrating) after a fabulous two hours brainstorming new plots (thanks so much, gals!). If you've never brainstormed and played the "what if" game, you really have to try it. You just never know what great ideas will be generated and who of your characters will have to be killed for the sake of the plot.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is back in the news in Michigan. In 2003 a ground-breaking case was handed down by the Supreme Court which started picking away at affirmative action. In that case the court held that the University of Michigan could continue to use its affirmative action policy at its law school but struck down the undergraduate policy as too rigid because it awarded admission points based on race. This case was big news and much discussed in conservative circles.

The ballot initiative grew out of that court case. Next month the voters in Michigan will decide on election day whether to prohibit the state from using any form of affirmative action when making decisions. According to Forbes, similar measures were approved in Washington State and California.

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