Saturday, October 28, 2006

Technology Woes & Book Contests

Boy, there are some days I wished I lived in a simpler time. Time when the most technology available was say the printing press. I'm trying to create a blog for the women's ministry at church. Blogger is not cooperating. I helped my husband create one for the men's ministry and thanks to router issues, that took two nights to set-up. With two and a half hours on the line with tech support. Wireless is still down, who knows if or when we'll get the replacement router, and I feel tethered. You wouldn't think a few short weeks would corrupt me, but they did.

On to fun notes: I have received several books in the mail this week. I would love to have contests to give them away. But to do that I need you to participate. So, tell me what kind of contests you like. Then I'll select the best vehicle. These are great books, folks! Calm, Cool & Adjusted by Kristin Billerbeck. The Election by Jerome Teel. And many more. So tell me what you like. And then we'll start playing.

Have a blessed weekend.

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