Monday, October 30, 2006

Greatest Time Waster for Attorneys?

Recently, the ABA's online ABA Journal Report asked lawyers what their greatest time waster was. I found the responses amusing. And had to agree wholeheartedly with the "winning" entry. An attorney from Michigan called the greatest time waster the motion hour that happens once a week where all the judges in the local courthouse schedule their motion hearings at the same time.

I just endured one of those today. Fortunately, today I only had four hearings and two additional matters. The courthouse was amazingly quiet, so I didn't spend more time waiting for another attorney or the judge than I did actually talking to the judge. I actually got quite a bit accomplished. Usually, I am not so lucky. And this day occurs on one of my day's "off." This morning the kids only had to entertain themselves for two hours at the office, but they were troopers.

So what's you biggest time waster -- other than reading blogs of course :-)

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Kaye Dacus said...

I am my own biggest time waster! I allow myself to get distracted and lose time by getting caught up in TV programs (or watching reruns I've seen several times before). There are times when I will literally find myself just wandering around the house (and I have a very small house) trying to find "something" to do--when I could be sitting at the computer writing or trying to drum up freelance work.

Great reminder that I need to start taking control of my time and stop wasting it!


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