Friday, October 20, 2006

The Practice of Law

There are days I love being a practicing attorney. Yesterday was one of them. I spent the morning in a deposition with opposing counsel who have actually been pretty easy to work with. We have the larger portion of the case settled and will likely do the same with the rest of the case as well. After that concluded I drove to federal court for a settlement conference. Got that one resolved, too. The client is very happy, and I know it's a good outcome for the client. That feels very satisfying.

Then today I counsel several people about problems with relationships gone awry, for whatever reason. These are the harder cases. I see my role as helping people turn a bad situation into as much good as possible. Sometimes, that change is dramatic. Other times, it's simply walking through the process with them. Invariably, these are the cases I think and pray about when I'm not at the office.

Law, like much of life, involves an array of personalities. And God certainly uses the full spectrum to teach and mold me. Now back to client calls.

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