Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Glory of Creation

This is where I've been. Our friends live 70 steps from the Gulf Beach. It was amazing! Abigail had the time of her life -- short as it's been -- and her smile stretched from ear to ear most of the days we were there. We broke up our time at the beach with excursions to the Sunken Gardens, Aquariam, and of course the outlet mall. A wonderful time. But the best part was the time invested in Abigail and spent with our friends. Because when it's all said and done what really matters is the investment we make in people.

Look for a "normal" post later today, but I had to share the picture.


Trish Ryan said...

Wow - that is SUCH a gorgeous picture! What a cool trip for you and your daughter.

Crystal said...

That really is a beautiful photo! Not thinking of moving there now, are you? It must be hard coming back here after that. Oh, sigh!


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