Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You to Our Veterans and Troops

If you've read for any length of time, that I have a love and deep respect for those who have been in the military and endured wars. That's one reason seven of my first novels tell homefront stories from World War Two.

Today is Veteran's Day, and I wanted to thank all who currently serve and those who are veterans for their service to our country and their protection of our freedoms. Awhile ago a friend forwarded this YouTube video by Lizzie Palmer. It's a tribute to the troops and worth every moment of your time to watch.

It brought back all kinds of memories. My Dad's unit was called up during Desert Storm. I wish I had a photo I could post of him. There are some great ones of him in his flight and dress uniforms. Good thing he married mom on this way to Vietnam, because he looked GOOD!

After Nam, Dad was part of a National Guard unit in Nebraska. It was a medivac unit, and he'd been a helicopter pilot since he enlisted during Vietnam. I was so proud of him, but it was probably the first truly trying time of my life. I was 16. Had started classes at the Community College. Was beginning to make forays into adulthood. Then he got shipped out. Left the week of Thanksgiving. Shipped out the day after Christmas. Came back around Easter.

We were fortunate. Everybody in our community was so supportive. Everywhere you went there were cards to sign for the veterans including Dad. School classes sent him mail. A stark contrast to Vietnam.

I am so proud of my Dad. He has served his country well and ably through two wars and about twenty years of full-time and National Guard service.

And he's not the only one. We are blessed to be a nation where its citizens will willingly go into the breach, so that we can all enjoy our freedoms.

So watch the video. And then find a way to say thanks. There are many servicemen and women who need our support -- regardless of what you think about the war itself.

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