Monday, November 29, 2010

Review and Contest Information: Nightingale by Susan May Warren

This week, I'm delighted to introduce you to the latest book by my friend Susan May Warren. Susie is a talented author, and her skill shines in Nightingale.

This is a richly layered story set at the end of World War Two in Wisconsin. Much like my Captive Dreams, it illuminates the often unknown story about the prisoners of war that were here in the United States. But that and romance are about all our books have in common.

Esther Lange doesn't love her fiance -- she feels trapped in the engagement after a mistaken night of passion. Still, she grieves Linus when he's lost in battle, and the letters sent to her by medic Peter Hess, who stayed by Linus' side as he lay dying give her a strange comfort. So much so that she strikes up a correspondence with Peter, a wholesome Iowa farm boy. But is he? Peter is hiding a secret, something that could cost both of them dearly, especially when the past comes back to life.

As I've come to suspect with Susie's books, the spiritual thread is richly layered. Who doesn't have something in their past that they deeply regret? And who hasn't had the enemy of our souls try to berate us into believing we are unworthy of anything because of it? I found this book to be one I couldn't put down even though I knew what was coming thanks to hearing about it before it released. I still had to see how it twisted and turned into Esther's story.

With the release of this book, Susie is running quite a contest. Here are the details:

The Letters From Home Giveaway!
Enter the Contest:
Nightingale is about letters, the power of written correspondence to convey thoughts and emotions to those far away. And sometimes near. Letters are forever, they are something we savor and pull out to read again and again. They are often cherished and kept in a special place.

To celebrate the release of Nightingale, Susan would like you to write a letter. One grand prize winner will receive a Flip HD Camcorder. 5 runner's up winners will win a signed copy of Nightingale. There are two ways to enter the contest by writing letters.

1. Write a letter to a soldier. At the end of the contest we’ll print out and mail your letter for you.
2. Write a letter to a friend, loved one, family member, enemy. Tell them something you wished you’d told them before. Tell them you love them, or maybe how they touched your life. Perhaps an apology is in order or a thank you. Or perhaps you'd like to relate a funny tale or just share life. Whatever it is, submit it here along with your email address and we’ll send it for you.

Enter here or at the SHARE page on the Brothers in Arms website. Or simply click on the button to the right.

What a great idea! At this time of thankfulness, let a soldier know how thankful you are for his or her sacrifice! So write those letters and buy this book!


Casey said...

I really want to read this book!! :)

Cleda said...

It does sound like a fantastic book and I would like to add it to my collection....


My letter would be to my first born son, Marvin Reinhardt Kruschke, III, who died when he was seven months old in 1970..

My Dearest Ryan,

I am writing to let you know, that I am getting more homesick each moment of each day. I am so looking forward to seeing you again. Will you be that little baby boy that I remember so well and miss so much, or will we be able to sit together and talk about what your life has been like growing up in Heaven. I'm sure GOD (the FATHER, JESUS with guidance from the Spirit) has been keeping you very busy. It will be so great for all of us, to sing, praise and worship the great I Am for all eternity....

See you soon, Mom

rbooth43 said...

Sounds like a great book!

My letter would be to my late husband who died on Feb. 22, 2001.

I miss you so much. we had 36 wonderful years together. You gave me so many thoughtful words, hugs, love, and treated me like a queen. I have so many memories to keep me company until we meet again and be together forever. The special dinners and dances just for us to snuggle and tell each other what we mean to each other. Since you've been gone, I still feel your presence at night giving me comfort. Thanks for all those amazing years together and for the many more we will have when I come to you in heaven. I love you!


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