Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Signs your ready to pop...

So most of you know I'm in the ninth month of my pregnancy. The body is showing signs that labor could be anytime. Maybe by the time you see this, I'll be holding my little guy. That would be awesome. But in the effort of bringing some levity to the waiting here's my top ten list of ways to know this woman is ready to pop....
  1. There aren't enough Mr Clean Eraser Pads in town to keep me occupied.
  2. My hand constantly goes to my stomach: is that a contraction?
  3. Closets that haven't seen the light of day in weeks are now organized.
  4. Daily trips to Wal-Mart because if the baby comes today, I don't want Grandma to have to run there.
  5. Periods of absolute wiped-out-ness (I know, not a word, but work with me).
  6. The calendar becomes mysteriously clear...a non-event around here.
  7. Every other moment is punctuated by questions from the kids about whether I'm going to the hospital yet. 
  8. I put off finishing sample chapters because that might signal the end of my to-do list. 
  9. I parcel out chapters and pages in books I'm reading to make them last just in case.
  10. The only thing left to clean in the house is the blinds, but who wants to wrestle with those.
Don't be surprised if at some time you seen one or more of these strange symptoms in one of my books. So, your turn...What did you do or have you seen in those last days leading up to a baby?


Casey said...

LOL, that first one is funny! That is what my mom would do. The pantry was no match in her last few weeks. :) I'm not married, thus leading to no kids, so I have no personal experience, but I can't wait to "meet" your little man! :)

Cara Putman said...

Someday in the right timing, you too, can act totally crazy, Casey!

Crystal Laine Miller said...

I love the term, "pop." LOL. My third child did "pop." When my waters broke, we heard an audible POP! That was exciting because he was born in an hour from that pop. (Lots of scrambling, I tell ya.)

Anyway, praying for you all day long. Chris's birthday is November 21--that's a good day to be born, don't you think? :0

Janet K said...

I love it, Cara. I spent hours writing out menus for my mom to serve my older daughter after the younger one was born. I walked up and down the stairs to see if I could get anything started. I even used the lint brush on everything that might need it in mine and my husband's closet!

kristen said...

Hi Cara!! Praying that everything goes well.

We have foster children, so I can't exactly sympathize, but I tell you, when the call came in to pick up our first little daughter, it certainly was a scramble to get everything we needed.

God Bless!!


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