Friday, November 02, 2007

Review: The Restorer's Son

While I was at the ACFW conference, I haunted the bookstore, cautiously hopeful that Sharon Hinck’s latest release would show up. After extra diligence on her part chasing down the book from the bowels of the hotel’s backrooms, it appeared. And I promptly snapped up one of the few remaining copies.

I have been waiting to read The Restorer’s Son since the very last page of The Restorer. This book did not disappoint…unless the fact that the book ended is a disappointment. And the book leads straight into book three, which of course I now have to wait MONTHS to read. I’m thinking about bribing Sharon with chocolate to get an early copy of The Restorer’s Journey.

In The Restorer’s Son Kieran fights with the One over his selection as the next Restorer. He’s an outcast among his people, and can’t imagine how he will serve as their rescuer. Then the One tells him to take the message of the One to the people of Hazor. This does not seem like a job for a Restorer. Susan and Mark are back; this time hunting for their son who slipped through the portal. There are hints of themes from the Old Testament, yet the story is fresh and completely enjoyable.

The book is told in first person from Kieran and Susan’s points of view. Each character has a distinctive voice – no chance of mixing them up.

I could easily relate to Kieran’s struggle with God…Does God love me? Why would He love me and care about me? This can’t really be His call on my life. He must have the wrong person…but wouldn’t He know that!

Sharon paints powerful word pictures of these other worlds. I felt like I was returning to an exotic location I’d visited long ago. And yet the descriptions were rich enough to easily carry the uninitiated straight into Lyric, Braide Wood and Hazor. The author’s creativity in constructing an entirely new world that is unique yet easy to picture is amazing to me.

Kieran’s growth as a character is real and believable. The subplot related to Susan and Mark’s son Jacob adds to the underlying story and launches us into book three. This book lived up to every one of my very high expectations.

If you like fantasy or want to try something new by an author who has quickly become one of my favorites, race out to buy this book now! I loved, loved, loved this book!

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C.J. Darlington said...

Ah! This book is in my TBR pile and I can't wait to get to it!


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