Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful Hearts: Day Four

I've spent this week blogging and thinking about the different ways that I have been blessed. So many of them are truly good ways...and yesterday I shared some of the hard things. So here, in no particular order, is the rest of the list until I can think of more LOL...

  • A husband who loves imperfect me...and no one knows better just how unperfect I can be!
  • A husband who supports my writing dream 120%.
  • A first book that has released...I still get chills when I look at that book sitting in my hutch...
  • The fact that I am under deadline...right now!
  • The fact that I worked under two incredibly tight deadlines in August, beat both, and am delighted with both books.
  • Open doors in the writing field...I don't know which ones will come to an actual contract, but open doors are a blessing.
  • Editors who push me to improve a book, and teach me how to be a better writer in the process.
  • An agent who challenges my proposals and pushes me to make them deeper.
  • A mentor who teaches me so much and helps open doors...I hope this last one turns out...It'll be so awesome!
  • A God who loves me with abandon.
  • A God who shelters me under His wings and leads the way into the future.
  • Two children who are absolute delights and who can't wait to be big siblings again.
  • The fact that they'll be big siblings again in May.
  • A God who quiets my fears and sets before me the decision to choose life or death.
  • The fact that life has conquered the power of death if I will just accept it.
  • Critique partners who have become much more than sounding boards.
  • Opportunities to give back to other writers through the ACFW board and Indiana chapter.
  • Opportunities to serve the women in my church
  • The chance to teach business law at Purdue.
  • A future that stretches in front of me...and knowing that God holds it no matter what happens.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving! I'll be back on Wednesday.

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