Friday, November 09, 2007

Please Pray

The proposal I've worked on since coming back from the ACFW conference at the end of September is sitting on the editor's desk as of yesterday afternoon. I am so excited that it's even under consideration. And signs are good. However, please pray that God would bless this. That He would make this the right proposal for me and for the publisher. I don't want to do something that won't be successful for them. And PLEASE pray that I would have the creativity and energy to write Captive Dreams in the next six weeks. I need to get it done ahead of deadline, so I can start writing this new book. If the publisher buys it, I'll be under a very tight, but very doable deadline.

I can't wait to share the whole story someday, but the lawyer in me is keeping me cautious until there's a contract. But you won't believe what God is doing. Regardless of whether this book is purchased He is absolutely, mind-blowingly amazing, and I continue to hang on for the ride. Have an awesome weekend!

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