Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful Hearts -- Day Three

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Thankful Through the Storms

If you've followed my blog much this year, you know it's been a very hard year for me.

In January, after a couple years of trying to get pregnant again, I miscarried. I have been blessed that I've never experienced much tragedy in my life. All of my grandparents lived into my adulthood, and one set is still here to bless my children. It also was pretty much unheard of for anyone in my family to miscarry. Never even entered the realm of the possible.

Until January.

It has been a year of walking through shadows and valleys I never imagined. A year of wrestling with God. A year of demanding to know the unanswerable why. A year of fighting to trust Him even when I couldn't see Him.

A year of reaching out as I grieved and learned. A year of yelling to be understood. A year of fighting through pain as I watched friend after friend have their precious babies.

A year of begging God to put the pieces of my fractured heart back together. A year of kisses from heaven as friends and acquaintances prayed for me and let me know I wasn't alone.

A year of learning just how many women live with the pain and grief of a miscarriage. A year of being determined not to let this experience be in vain. A year of begging God to redeem the pain. To turn it into good as only He can.

It's been a year of fighting through until I am seated at His feet. Sometimes with tears pouring down my cheeks. Sometimes with no words at all. Sometimes with my arms thrust wide, head thrown toward heaven . Sometimes bowed to the ground.

A year of anticipating grief. Each month of what should have been my pregnancy. The week I probably would have given birth. The due date. The events I should have taken a baby, too.

A year of being surprised by grief. Holding a friend's baby that was born around my due date. Being so happy for them, and so incredibly sad for me. Of gritting my teeth and groaning that it wasn't about me. Of holding that baby as a three month old and being socked in the gut all over again by fresh, unadulterated grief.

You see, I can know I have treasure in heaven. But right now, I still long for that treasure to be in my arms.

But through it all, I can see God's hand. And I am thankful. Thankful for the nurses who cried along with me during pre-op and recovery. Thankful for neighbors who held me as I cried. Thankful for a pastor's wife who has walked this road and could point me to the other side -- even before I was ready to hear that there was another side.

Thankful for the real way I have had to walk my faith. Thankful that God is good. All the time. Thankful that God will never leave me or forsake me. Thankful that God collects every tear that I cry. Thankful that Jesus stands at the right hand of the Father and intercedes for me. Thankful that the Holy Spirit knows exactly how to pray when my words are too bound up inside.

Thankful that I can now relate on a gut-level way with an entire group of women. Thankful that God uses everything for His good. Thankful that what the enemy intended for evil will instead be turned into good.

And I am thankful that someday I will see this little Gabriel/Gabriella -- even as I long to hold him/her in my arms now.


Eileen said...

Cara, Oh, I'm starting to get teary just reading about your little angel. Beautiful name, Gabriel/la. (How many months?) Yes, we can be thankful through the storms. That old classic hymn, *Peace Be Still* ("Master, the tempist is raging...") has brought me such comfort. EE (

Leanne said...

What a beautiful post, Cara!
Carlee had told me you were expecting again and I've been praying for you! You know, I drive past the cemetery where my baby is buried...and my heart just aches. I found out I was pregnant again the week she was buried (I just felt like it was a girl...). I was so angry because I hadn't had a chance to deal with all of it...but now, of course, since God is miraculous and restores us when needed... I am so happy to meet my baby boy in the next few months! And I, like you, have a much deeper appreciation for being fully reunited with my WHOLE family in Heaven!!
Again.... congratulations!
Leanne Heern

Real Live Preacher said...


Thank you for this beautiful piece. You've been very open with your readers. There will be some who need help with their own grief.

I'm glad you named him/her. That seems right too.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Gina Conroy said...

Cara, I won't begin to say I understand what you've gone through, but I've been touched by your journey nonetheless. Your heartache, struggle and hope has brought me to tears, and I know this post will bless so many women.

jen70 said...

It was hard to read these posts so honestly, I just skimmed them. I know the grief and healing process too well. God bless you in your continued journey of healing.


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