Friday, November 09, 2007


My friend Denise Hunter posted this week over at Girls Write Out about things that are priceless to her. Then she challenged all of us to think about the things that are priceless to us. Here's my list:
  • Family: I'm blessed that my immediate family growing up was much bigger.
  • A husband who loves me, foilables and all
  • Children who bless me every day with their wit, love and ability to challenge me.
  • A husband and kids who are absolutely my biggest cheerleaders on this writing journey.
  • Friends like Rachel who at a moment's notice will help me get somewhere to pick up a car
  • the clean feeling the world gets.
  • Mountains...only God could create such beauty.
  • A community of women at church who are pushing each other deeper into God.
  • A great book with a cup of tea on a cold evening.
  • A session of fantastic brainstorming with writer buds; there's nothing like the free-flowing ideas and creativity.
  • A writing time where the words flow and I'm partnering with the God of creativity to write.
  • My favorite grapefruit lotion.
  • A pair of pants that fit well.
  • Finding a store that carries my size without requiring me to look like I'm trying to be 16.
  • Seeing Vicky at Carpenter's Son.
  • Having friends who get as excited about what God's doing as I do.
  • A phone call with Joy or Janna
  • My flowers in full bloom
  • Planting flowers in the spring with only an idea of what the final product will look like.
  • A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers from my garden.
  • A great school day with Abigail.
  • Watching Abigail grab a concept in the first go-round
  • Working with Jonathan on reading and watching his enjoyment
  • Reading books I loved as a kid to my children
  • Listening to a great praise and worship CD
  • Discovering a new song that ushers me straight into the throne room.
  • A gorgeous sunset
  • Holding that first book :-)
  • A weekend away with Eric.
  • Time back home.

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