Thursday, May 08, 2008

Deadly Exposure Reviews

No, I did not review my own book. That just felt way too weird. So I asked ACFW President Robin Miller if she'd review Deadly Exposure. If you haven't read any of her books yet, she writes great suspense for Love Inspired Suspense under her pen name Robin Caroll. She graciously agreed to review my book, so here it is...

What's a girl to do when she finds a dead body in the theater box next to her own? Especially when she's a reporter and she owns the story? Follow through and investigate, of course. But it comes at a cost to Dani Richards, and that fee just might be her own life.

Enter Caleb Jamison, the cop assigned to the case. He's determined to protect Dani, but they have a history. A past littered with pain, betrayal, and broken trust. Can he keep Dani safe while protecting his heart?

Dani is a woman torn--the sense of responsibility and loyalty to her aunt, the pain she's endured from the past with Caleb, doing her job, and following up on the story. I felt her inner turmoil as she turned so many corners, only to be faced with more conflict.

Caleb is a changed man from the boy Dani had known years ago, and is determined to prove that. I related to his struggles--work, love, and facing the mistakes of the past.

In Cara Putman's first suspense novel, she proves herself as a writer who can spin twists and turns to keep the reader flipping the pages. I was intrigued by the hero and heroine's past, as well as the suspenseful plot that kept throwing the two flawed but learning characters together. With a strong supporting cast (who I hope to see in future installments), this book is a great read for romantic suspense lovers. Looking for a great vacation read? This is a book I'd recommend you slip into your carry on-but be warned, you'll not want to put it down until you've read the last page, landing or not!

And here's Debra Ullrick's review:

I know this sounds cliché but I couldn’t put, DEADLY EXPOSURE, down. Cara Putman did a great job of transporting me into Dani and Caleb’s world. When certain spine-tingling events happen to Dani, it was if they were happening to me. Many times I held my breath and squirmed in my chair. Plus, my popcorn disappeared at an alarming rate of speed. And I will NEVER look at theatre box seats, theatre ushers, or pizza delivery boys the same way again. In fact, what was in that pizza anyway? Did it have anything to do with Job's disappearance? Or the red puddle on the floor?

Why is Aunt Jayne sprawled all over Dani’s bed when she’s supposed to be in a nursing home? Is she dead or alive? And who put her there? And why?

Poor Renee. Someone wanted her dead. But why? Was she just a good girl gone bad? Or was someone trying to stop her research? Or what?

Something devastating happened to Dani when she was sixteen. Will she ever recover from it?

What about Caleb? Is Caleb really a changed man? Does Dani dare trust him with her life? She couldn't before, so why trust him now?

And last but definitely not least…

Is there a price to pay for love? If so, just how costly is it? More than one person finds out. But who are they?

The answer to all these questions can be found in, DEADLY EXPOSURE by Cara Putman.

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