Friday, May 16, 2008

A Whisper of Freedom MEME

Tricia Goyer's latest book A Whisper of Freedom has just released. This book is a wonderful conclusion to her Spanish Civil War series. And to celebrate the launch, she's having a fun MEME contest. Here are the questions and my responses, but be sure to read to the end to see how you can participate and win some great prizes.

1. List three things you would do with a chest full of gold (assuming you got to keep it!)

1) Keep half of it and invest it for college funds.

2) Take a portion for a round the world adventure.

3) Use the other half to start a foundation to support Christian organizations.

2. List three charities/missions/organizations you support (and why).
1) Campus Crusade: we have a couple friends who are missionaries through that organization.

2) Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: we have friends working on college campuses through this ministry that we both participated in during college.

3) Organizations like Family Life Today and Focus on the Family that work to support families and provide wonderful tools.

3. List three ways you have volunteered your time/services.
1) I served on the board of our local Big Brothers Big Sisters for several years.

2) I lead Bible studies and Sunday School classes at our church.

3) We host a small group at our home a couple times a month.

4. List three things you keep "hidden" when company comes over.
Hmm, there really isn't anything that I can think of. I've worked hard to reach a point where I hold the things we have loosely. They are tools to minister to others through hospitality. :-)

5. List the last three things you've lost.
Gosh, I can't think of any right now. I'm always misplacing things -- but to truly lose them and not find them again -- can't think of anything.

6. List the last three things you've found.

1) My cell phone. It didn't get put back in my pocket after the last call, but it's there now.

2) My sanity LOL. It comes and goes.

3) My love of just holding a baby. That fresh newborn smell is so sweet!

During the tour, you can enter to win one of FIVE signed copies of A Whisper of Freedom by signing up for Tricia's newsletter here!

Three brave "players" will be selected at random to win their own lost gold (Gourmet chocolate coins and all three books in the Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War series). To enter all you have to do is answer the MEME on your blog and then leave a comment on Tricia’s blog tour post here that you’ve posted your MEME. Easy.

About the Book:

Battles heat up…not only those being waged by the soldiers on both sides fighting for Spain, but in the hearts and minds of the men and women who must sacrifice more than their dreams to save the lives of their loved ones.

In this meticulously researched novel, brave and idealistic Sophie, Philip, Jose, and Deion realize their only hope for freedom is escaping Spain's borders.

By continuing the story of this band of volunteers during the Spanish Civil War, A Whisper of Freedom proves that there are whispers of hope and liberty that resonate through even the darkest night.

To read an excerpt from the book, click here. And to watch the series trailer, click here.

Now it's your turn to answer these questions. Then leave a comment and let me know that you're playing and I'll enter you in a drawing for a book.

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Tricia Goyer said...

Wow're wonderwoman!

A baby and time for a meme! Thanks for playing...and she's beautiful!



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