Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Exciting News! I have my copies of Sandhill Dreams!

Good morning, y'all. Yesterday I received my box of author copies of Sandhill Dreams. I am so excited to see this book and hold it. My daughter actually opened the box before I could get to it -- it's so fun to have the kids as excited or more so than I am. I walked around with a goofy grin for the rest of the night. The cover is beautiful and there is just something special about seeing the words I wrote in book form. I just hope people enjoy this book as much as they did Canteen Dreams and as they are responding to Deadly Exposure.

Also, Dani Richards, the heroine of Deadly Exposure, has an interview up at CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense. Dani told me she had a lot of fun being interviewed for once rather than being the one conducting the interview. As a tv reporter she rarely gets to be on the other side of the questions.

And I just had to share this email I received this week from a dear family friend. Sarah has known me since I was 1. It was so fun to get her take on Deadly Exposure.

I loved Deadly Exposure! It was so fun to see your "story baby" and imagine
your writing it with so much of yourself in it:
  • Dani.... Cara Danelle
  • cats for comfort
  • Dani's emotions
  • Lincoln locale and the Cornhuskers and all
  • Runzas
  • TV reporter (I remember when all Cara wanted to be was Connie Chung!)
  • the accuracy of the legal details (as if I could tell!... they sounded right!)

You wove an amazing story... lots of twists and turns, and not anything extraneous!
I read it on the heels of Restorer's Journey, and I read it with a critical eye (after all, I'm a home school mom). and it was a wonderful read! The mystery kept pace,
the climax was expertly crafted.... the characters satisfying... the spiritual element totally believable. I'm so glad for you to see this birthed!

If you're going to be in Lafayette area on May 31st, be sure to join me and my writing friends Colleen Coble, Brandt Dodson, Jamie Carie, Diann Hunt and Denise Hunter for a booksigning and Q&A at Carpenter's Son from 1-3. Both Sandhill Dreams and Deadly Exposure should be available for purchase!


Karla Akins said...

That has to be an awesome feeling when you see your baby in print. Congratulations! I look forward to reading it!

Simple Family Supper lady said...

Can't wait to read them!!!!!!!!!
Heather C.


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