Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Review of Deadly Exposure

Deadly Exposure
By Cara Putman
Review by Roseanna White

Dani Richards thinks she was getting a night off from journalism when she takes her aunt to the theater—but that’s before she discovers a dead body in the next box. And before her old flame Caleb arrives, now an investigator for the local police. She gets to cover the case by default—but the deeper she digs, the clearer it becomes that the killer won’t rest until she backs off. And that’s something she just can’t do.

Caleb Jamison is determined to catch the man responsible for the death of the grad student in the theater—and even more determined to protect Dani, who doesn’t have the good sense to leave the investigating to him. He lost her once because of his own youthful selfishness. He isn’t going to lose her again now. But can he convince her that he’s changed, that she can depend on him, before the killer catches up with her?

Deadly Exposure is an action packed read that will keep you flipping the pages as fast as you can. Though a quick read, the story is well developed and the characters full and lively. I enjoyed getting to know both Dani and Caleb and was never disappointed by how Putman delivered.

Love Inspired Suspense readers will love the addition of Cara Putman to the team, and any fans of romantic suspense should run out and pick up this engrossing little book.

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