Friday, March 20, 2009

Daisy Chain Trailer

Daisy Chain is the latest offering from talented author Mary DeMuth. I'm reading and savoring this coming of age tale...but here's a chance for you to get a peek into the novel with this artful trailer.


Anonymous said...

NICE! I did get the goosebumps a couple times during it.

I'm putting it on my list to read.

Linda said...

This really get your mind a thinkin'. Who? What? Great trailer!

Anonymous said...

I'm inspired to continue to write my books. Found your site through hotm.

See through your twitter, your in Indy! I am as well.

A homeschooling mom, I am as well also. If you can do it,
so can I!!!


Take care,

Stina Rose said...

I just dropped by to let you know that I have enjoyed following your blog, and have given you a blog award! :)


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