Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Finished!

I just finished A Promise Born!

I even got to write a couple scenes in one of my favorite cities: Washington, D.C.

As the photo shows, my desk shows the wear and tear. I even straightened the surface a week ago...not that you can tell.

Can you believe a book got written here? Yikes! First order of business after editing this puppy? You guessed it. Find the bottom of this desk. Then dust the house. The dust bunnies are threatening to take over.


Anonymous said...

Congrats. What a great feeling, huh?

Have fun with the editing (I love that part!)

Patty said...

Congratulations Cara! That has to be a wonderful feeling. On to the next step.

Jessica said...

Yay!!!!! Can't wait to read it!

More than Survival said...

Can't wait till it comes out!

hollymag*at*gmail*.com said...

Congratulations Cara! Looking forward to it coming out. Blessings.


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