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Interview with author DiAnn Mills

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But today, I'm delighted to interview my friend DiAnn Mills. She has a new book releasing right now -- and it's a truly enjoyable suspense. If you've read her historicals, it's a bit different because it is set during modern times, but it has overtones of her books set in the Sudan.

Breach of Trust is a departure from your historicals. How would you describe it to a reader?

Breach of Trust is an extension of "Expect and Adventure." I love writing historical and suspense, and the Call of Duty Series offers me the opportunity to stretch my writing. This book is about an ex-CIA operative who is forced to choose between hiding to keep her loved ones safe or joining forces with the CIA again to bring a ruthless man to justice.

I loved following Paige and the idea of a CIA operative being thrust into the role of a small town librarian. What was the what if that launched this plot?

While driving through rural Oklahoma, my mind began to twist and turn with the "what-if" of an ex-CIA operative hiding out in a place that no one would ever suspect. What would she do to help with the boredom of leaving the adrenaline behind? And what kind of a back-story would cause this woman to forsake everything she once called hers? As a church librarian, the research was easy, and I know how easy it is to leave reality behind and seek out an adventure--with fiction or nonfiction.

How did you do the research necessary to make the spy angle seem so authentic?

I phoned the CIA office in DC and asked for their PR person. The poor man probably wished he'd never picked up the phone. Many things he could answer, and others he could not. I also have friends who are FBI agents and Secret Service. These courageous people who work to keep our country and world safe cannot tell how things are done, but they can answer basic questions. A bonus is when the research person recommends a book or a movie or says "that's not the way it's done." TV and many movies do not provide the answers. My point in Breach of Trust is "Could this happen?"

Paige is forced to confront a past she's tried to avoid. Why is it important for us to confront those pieces of us we'd rather ignore or forget about?

Great question! Life is about growth and change, facing our demons and learning from our mistakes. If we want to fulfill our purpose, then we must face the consequences of our actions, ask forgiveness, and strive for a closer relationship with God.

What did you learn from the characters while you wrote this book?

The importance of integrity and Truth in all of our lives. Sometimes we are called to unsafe purposes, but if God has called us to enter a danger zone then He will walk with us through it.

What advice would you have for someone who is considering writing a book?
1. Read the books in the genre which you want to write.
2. Read the books by writers who write about writing. :)
3. Write everyday
4. Pray for God's guidance and wisdom
5. Attend writing conferences and always be ready to help another writer.

Where can people find you on the web?

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Debbie Gail Smith said...

Good interview...

I absolutely loved this book.
I couldn't put it down.


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