Friday, March 06, 2009

Double Minds Review

I'm not an official member of this CFBA tour, but I bought the book at my local store and just finished it. So being me, I had to share my thoughts :-)

I don't know if you've ever read anything by Terri Blackstock, but I've enjoyed many of her books. I couldn't really get into the Last Light series. No idea why and I know MANY people loved it. Double Minds, to me, was a return to some of her earlier suspense, but more layered in a great way.

Parker James is a songwriter trying to make her way in Nashville. When an intern is killed at Parker's desk, Parker is determined to help her brother, the homicide detective, solve the murder. The plot take the reader into the music scene of Nashville as more and more people appear to have motives. While the suspense was great (I read the book in basically one sitting), the spiritual thread, questions and challenges were what kept me turning the pages. How would Parker balance her faith against the challenges and enticement thrown at her? I enjoyed this book, and hope Parker and her family and friends show up in another book -- though there's no indication at this time that they will.

Double Minds

Terri Blackstock


Struggling to succeed in the Nashville music scene, talented singer/songwriter Parker James finds the competition fierce – even deadly. A young woman’s murder, industry corruption, and a menacing stalker draw Parker into danger and intrigue. Nothing is as it appears, and unraveling the truth challenges everything Parker believes about her talent, her future, and her faith.

The young girl with the Bohemian style was on the floor where she’d fallen, between Parker's computer case and her file cabinet. She wore a long, flowing skirt—lavender, the color of calm—and camel-colored Uggs. She lay on her back, her long, wavy blonde hair matted with blood.

For struggling singer/songwriter Parker James, the music business has just turned deadly. Her desk in the reception area of a busy recording studio has become a crime scene, and Parker finds herself drawn into a mystery where nothing is as it seems.

Unraveling the truth puts her own life at risk when she uncovers high-level industry corruption and is terrorized by a menacing stalker. As the danger escalates, Parker begins to question her dreams, her future, and even her faith.

Double Minds is a double treat—combining a compelling suspense novel with an inside look at the world of the Christian music industry in Nashville. Terri Blackstock grabs readers at page one and keeps them riveted until the final plot twist is untangled.

You can preview a Book Trailer on her site HERE

If you would like to read the first chapter of Double Minds, go HERE


Terri Blackstock hasn’t always written for the Lord. Just over a decade ago she was an award-winning secular novelist writing for publishers such as HarperCollins, Harlequin, and Silhouette. With thirty-two titles published and 3.5 million books in print, she found that she was miserable. The compromises she had made in her career had taken their toll on her spiritual life, and she yearned to renew her relationship with Christ.

After much soul-searching and wrestling with God, she finally told the Lord that she would never write another thing that didn’t glorify Him. Thinking she might never be published again, she began planning ways to supplement her income, while she worked on her first idea for a Christian novel.

Because she enjoyed reading suspense novels, she tried weaving a faith message into a fast-paced page-turner with ordinary people in jeopardy. When Christian publishers expressed great interest, she realized that a secondary job would not be necessary. God was paving the way for her to enter the Christian publishing world.

Since that time, she’s sold 2 million Christian novels. She has over thirty Christian titles, many of which have been number one best-sellers. Her latest book, Dawn's Light is part of her popular Restoration Series. True Light, reached number one on the Top 50 of all Christian books the first full month it was in stores. Night Light was the winner of the 2007 Retailer’s Choice Award for General Fiction. Other reader favorites include her Cape Refuge Series, her Newpointe 911 Series, her SunCoast Chronicles Series and her “Seasons” books written with co-author Beverly LaHaye.

Terri is literally a native of nowhere since she was raised in the Air Force, She makes her home in Mississippi. Terri and her husband are the parents of three adult children--a blended family which she considers one more of God's provisions.

Terri has appeared on national television programs such as “The 700 Club” and “Home Life,” and has been a guest on numerous radio programs across the country.


Linda said...

The books by Teri Blackstock I couldn't get into were The Gifted and The Listener. ALL her other books have been notoriously good. I expect Double Minds to fit that expectation as well.

Kara S said...

Seeing Parker evolve as an individual both emotionally and spiritually is what made me keep turning the pages too. The suspense was good, but the spiritual thread far surpassed it. Even though the spiritual part is what kept me reading, those parts weren't overwhelming or preachy. They seemed natural, not forced, and fit with the story flow.


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