Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Confessions of a worn-out Mom

Do you ever have days where if you uttered one word of advice you’d be a fraud?

I've had several of those recently.

We were a week back from Germany, and I was absolutely-completely-stick-a-fork-in-me done. I took the weekend slow, and then jumped back into all of my activities because that’s what I do…I am after all super mom. But these Wonder Woman bracelets are feeling a wee bit tarnished.

So today I just want to admit…publicly…that being me is exhausting. It’s wearing and I don’t do a good job of taking care of me. And that leads by extension to not doing a good job with all the roles I juggle.

Can anyone relate?

So before all of you, I confess that I’m going to try – again—to find ways to bring some balance back into my life. That might have to wait until after the ACFW conference, but that’s another story J But I want to find ways to have date time with my husband…every week…even if it’s just sitting on the front porch with a Duplo (German chocolate) talking after the kids are in bed.

I want to find ways to better be present for my kids. There willl always be another crisis that people insist I must deal with that moment, but my kids will leave the house (really, they will!) And I don’t want to sit in a suddenly empty home that never dirties filled with regrets that I wrote just one more email when I could have read one more book to a daughter who is now lugging a backpack around a college campus.

Stay tuned in coming posts to see what I learn on this journey. And if you have suggestions for topics you’d like me to discuss, please leave a comment because being real is even better than being a super mom. 


CharityHawkins@TheHomeschoolExperiment said...

Hi Cara,
Love the honesty. I'm with you! I just signed up for ACFW and am so looking forward to it. I've been totally overwhelmed with life and getting ready for homeschooling lately and been trying to remember His yoke is easy and His burden is light. It's all these burdens I pile on top that get heavy! Anyway, I'd love more blog posts following your journey in that area!

Cara Putman said...

Thanks, Charity. It's a journey. I think I will blog more on it...because I need that accountability or i fall into the same patterns.

Can't wait to meet you at ACFW!


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