Monday, August 27, 2012

Knowing Him

Yesterday our church had a guest speaker...a man who's headed overseas to minister to Muslims. After spending eight weeks in another country, I have a greater appreciation for what uprooting your family involves. For the strangeness of being a visitor in another land. It's uncomfortable, zone pushing, and risky. But for us, the rewards were so worth it.

Anyway, this man preached out of Luke 24...the passage where after His resurrection, Jesus meets two disciples on the road. It's probably as familiar a story to you as it is to me. One that we've read numerous times. This time what struck me was something the guest speaker didn't even say.

As he talked about the two disciples and all they'd given up for Jesus (even though they weren't part of the close 12) and how disappointed they must have much they must have questioned God's plan and where He was in the midst of their disappointment and hurt, my eyes strayed a bit further down the passage.

In Luke 24:30-31, the disciples have urged Jesus to stay for a meal with them. And it says that when He broke bread with them, then "their eyes were opened and they recognized him..." What was it about breaking bread that caused them to see who He was? They'd spent time with Him, conversing, walking...but it was only as they partook that their eyes opened.

I don't know about you, but that challenges me to remember I can really only know God and Jesus when I spend time in the Word. I want to hear His quiet voice. I long to be quick to do His will. That means investing time in knowing the Bread of Life. In listening to what He has to say. Asking for eyes that really see.

Father, grant us eyes that are open to see and recognize You!

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