Friday, August 17, 2012

Fresh Revelation

One thing I love about coming home is the chance to talk long and deep with my folks and siblings. Our lives usually move so fast, that we don't get as many long phone conversations as we should. As a result, I CHERISH those times that I can ask what they're learning, what God is teaching them. I want to ride their coattails and have my own faith expanded and built.

This week, I've had some deep conversations. With my Dad it revolved around water baptism and the role it plays in our faith. This is an area of passion for Dad because of the freedom it brought him. I love how God continues to reveal nuances and shades of meaning to him on a topic he's studied for years.
Then my youngest brother shared fresh revelation he had gained at a worship school on the story of David and Goliath. The excitement he felt was transmitted in the way he told me what he'd learned.

Many of us know the story. And we know that Goliath means sooth-sayer. That's basically one who speaks lies. So for 40 days, Goliath proclaimed lies over the army of Israel. During that same time period David was away with God while he tended the sheep. So when he came to the battlefield, his perspective wasn't cluttered by lies but by the reality of who God is. That gave him the ability to speak the truth and take on the lies.

There's more, but I will stop there. I long to spend so much time in God's presence that I know Him and His truth. That it will serve as the perfect antidote to the lies of the world and Satan. How I long for that!

Has God brought fresh revelation into your life lately? What story or passage did He use?

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