Monday, August 06, 2012

For the Romantic Suspense Lovers Among Us

As y'all know I've been a reading fiend since I got home. The ability to read books without relying on digital is WONDERFUL. For those of you who like suspense and romantic suspense, here are three books you should consider adding to your reading list.

Irene Hannon is an author that when her books arrive at my house, I don't do anything else until I've started (and usually finished) the book. Her books have character I love in jobs I found fascinating. Lethal Legacy is no exception.

 In Lethal Legacy, Kelly Warren is determined that her father did not commit suicide. By a twist of bad timing Cole Taylor is the detective who meets with her when she finds new evidence. The more they talk he wonders if she's on to something. Then she has an accident due to a food allergy. From there the action picks up to full speed. This story not only lets us into the hero and heroine's heads. We also get glimpses into a couple of the bad guys.

This is a book that will keep you up as you try to read just one more page in the race to find the truth, catch the bad guy, and just maybe fall in love along the way.

With Proof, the author's background as a critical care and emergency nurse shines through in this detailed, but not bogged down thriller. From the first page I was thrown in to the race to find a serial rapist. Some of the clues pointed me toward the perpetrator and what was coming next, but that only made the pages turn faster as I wondered if I could be right. The timeline is long but the pacing tight. The plot doesn't wander down unnecessary paths. Instead, it is finely tuned on the journey and the proof required to find justice. This novel is perfect for those who love a suspense that rings with authenticity and will pull you from page one to the end.

Inescapable is an engaging Mennonite romantic suspense about the power of coming home and the idea that God's love is inescapable. Lizzie Engel left her conservative home town as an unwed young mom. She's carved out a life for herself in Kansas city, but now she's being stalked and threatened with embezzlement charges. She can either stay -- without a job -- or go home and hope to keep her daughter. The pain of her past collides with better memories and the reality of a changing town. Soon she longs to stay. Then her past love collides with her present and she has to decide what to do. The plot eases toward the climax.

I loved the characters. Lizzie's daughter is adorable and precocious. The conversations between Lizzie and her mom often felt stilted, but that could flow from the faith and the very real pain from their past.

This is a great read for someone who wants more than romance in a book and if you love escaping to the Amish/Mennonite towns and lifestyle when you read.


Marianne said...

i have Nancy's book on my TBR pile, Irene's is a must, though i haven't got it yet, but Proof. i wasn't sure if i would even pick it up, but after reading your post, i know i'll be getting that one way or another. Thanks, Cara.

Cara Putman said...

I really think you'll like Proof. All three were excellent!


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