Friday, August 03, 2012

What Makes a Job Great

Watching the Olympics got me thinking about my favorite job in college. Back during the 1992 Olympics I worked for the smallest NBC affiliate. It was a great job for someone who loved journalism and thought that was where her future lay (there's a reason my first contemporary  heroine was a tv reporter). That was an amazing time to work at a tv station...especially for an Olympics junkie. The sports director would ask me for the updates on what wads happening, who was competing, how it ll fit together. Perfect for me! I wish I could do that every Olympics!

That got me thinking about work. Our lives are filled with work. That is a good thing. But what makes a job wonderful? Something you can't wait to do?

Is it the people you work with? The job I dreaded definitely had something to do with the people.

Is it the work? I've been blessed to enjoy many jobs, but I loved the television station, teaching, and writing. Is it the idea of giving back? Not every job can have that element...but when it!

A friend sent me a speech he gave recently. It has me thinking that the story of my life is the most important story I can write. And work is a large part of life. So what makes a job memorable and meaningful for you.

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