Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Countdown: Three ideas for winter weekends

This photo makes me nostalgic for the days my older two were the ages of my younger two. Ah...if only we had snow like that this year!

The weekend is upon us and one of the challenges when the weather is bitter is what can we do? Here are a few ideas and I'd love to hear yours, too:

1) Grab the heavy weather gear and move. Put all those mittens, hats, and scarves to good use. Find some snow boots, and strike out on an adventure. Walk through the mounds of snow if you're lucky enough to have it. If not, see if your town has ice skating, hockey or other cold weather activities. I heard on the radio that in Iowa their climbing ice on the sides of silos. Who know what your community may have!

2) Dig out the blankets and a stack of old movies. Hunker down and prepare to laugh together over the antics of a classic movie. Maybe it's Home Alone. Maybe it's Arsenic and Old Lace. But find something that will have your entire family laughing outloud and build a memory.

3) Have a shelf or closet loaded down with puzzles and games? Pull a couple of them out. Set up a card table and work on a 500 piece puzzle. Get down on the floor and work on a puzzle with larger pieces. Get out a game and argue over the rules while you laugh.

Winter can be a tough time because it's harder to get outside, but with a little creativity you can still have a great time as a family!

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