Thursday, May 24, 2007

Confession...I used to be a News Junkie

Really. I used to live off the news and politics. Moving to DC after college was a dream come true. And I loved it. I was surrounded by people who care about politics and issues and want to make the world a better place...even if we sometimes disagreed on how that should happen.

I even helped train and place journalists in jobs around the country. Served as a guest panelist periodically on a Satellite news channel. Any of you ever heard of Youngbloods? Now that was interesting!

Then we moved to Indiana.

It was a move back to the Midwest -- not as far as back home in Nebraska -- but still I expected these to be my people. And they are -- just not when it comes to news.

I quickly learned that very few people care one whit about what happens in politics,, particularly in DC. Not one teeny, tiny iota. So it didn't take long before I quit trying to have conversations like that. Then I slowly stopped watching the national news. Instead, I'll check headlines periodically online. We don't even get the local paper all the time. Why bother when we can check out the TV station and paper on line?

The result, I feel like I'm in a news hole! Last night, we did something revolutionary in our family. We watched the Nightly News. Did you hear the intake of breath.

And it was amazingly refreshing. Maybe with this presidential election coming up, I'll give myself permission to care -- regardless of anyone else -- I'm kind of excited. My Mom even told me that all ten Republican candidates will be in Indy in August. Eric and I just might have to go to that.

And for those keeping track, it looks like Fred Thompson just might be jumping in.

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Crystal Warren Miller said...

LOL, Cara, welcome to Indiana!

If it makes you feel any better, over here where I live, my husband and I watch political shows on TV and listen to talk radio almost every day. We are junkies for political news. But we don't talk with ANYONE about it.

Our boys, who are 22,20,18,16 are well-versed in political things, but like true Hoosiers, they are laid back about it--unless you confront them in the classroom. ha

There's a certain art to being a Hoosier. You are getting the hang of it!


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