Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wanna play?

Roseanna White of Christian Review of Books is launching a fun game for those who love the blogosphere and games. If you spent hours playing Clue as a kid, you will love this game! You know, the game where Professor Plum did it in the library with the rope? :-)

You can get a quick summary by going to Novel Journey and reading Roseanna's post.

Basic premise, a group of authors will have their characters "play" the game. The first one will surround Jill Nelson's Reluctant Burglar. That game starts May 29th. Then on June 5th, I'll be playing. This game will be a historical that centers around Sharlene MacLauren's Loving Liza Jane. Audrey Stone, the heroine from Canteen Dreams, will make an appearance along with characters of writers I love like Tricia Goyer, Molly Bull, and ML Tyndal.

Can I just admit right now that it is incredibly humbling to realize I get to participate with authors of that caliber!

So check it out! It should be fun, and will enter you in a contest for a free book. BTW Christian Review of Books is always giving away books, so make sure you check out that website.

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