Friday, May 11, 2007

Review: Reluctant Runaway

When I read the backcover copy for this book, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean it was going to focus on Indian art from New Mexico. Quite a departure from the first book.

However, from the first page I was sucked in to the mysteries that seemed to stack on top of each other. And best of all the chemistry between Desiree Jacobs and Tony Lucano is still there and charging the atmosphere of the book.

The book opens with Desiree in a Catwoman situation…she’s testing a security system before she dashes to a party with Tony. When Desi’s best friend Max crashes the party with the news that her niece is missing, the two women head for New Mexico. Once they’re there, they learn that a museum Desi’s security company is working for has had artifacts stolen, a woman is missing, and it all seems to tie in with a mysterious ministry.

Then Tony’s organized crime investigation begins to overlap with the trouble Desi can’t avoid.

The conflict between Tony and Desi is real and one I could relate to. Each has to learn to trust God and the other as life throws them into circumstances that are desperate and outside their control. Tony is desperate to protect Desi, but can’t because of the risks she takes with her job. Desi is determined that Tony must open up and be vulnerable with her or there can be no relationship. I could relate all too well to both struggles.

I found the foray into Indian artifacts and art delightful. And Jill does a fantastic job of painting the setting. There is no question that the bulk of the book occurs in New Mexico – it simply couldn’t be any other place. The pacing is also intense, pulling you through the book. It was one of those books, that I couldn’t slow down and savor no matter how much I wanted to…it was simply too fast. And I love that in a suspense.

So race out and pick up this tightly written romantic suspense. You won’t be disappointed.

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Janna said...

This book sounds like a winner, I'll have to see if our Christian bookstore has it!


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