Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Review: Too Good to Be True

I loved Trish Perry’s debut novel, The Guy I’m Not Dating, and was thrilled when Too Good to be True released. It didn’t disappoint, even though the tone was a bit different.

In Too Good to be True, Rennie Young, Kara’s best friend from the first book, is trying to move beyond her divorce. Only problem is she kept waiting for her ex to come back, and now it’s clear he won’t. The book opens with her passed out in a Wal-Mart and coming to with the aid of an extremely handsome labor and delivery nurse. Truman Sayers is a devout Christian who loves his family and job. The only trouble is both of them need to cut a few apron strings.

Trish’s humor is back in full force in this book. The cast of characters isn’t quite as diverse and wacky as The Guy I’m Not Dating, but the book keeps the light, I’m-in-so-far-over-my-head-I-can-only-laugh feel.

There’s a double-date, where Rennie has two dates. The little boy she longs to adopt. A job she loves, with a co-worker who’s suddenly interested. And a potential mother-in-law who will probably never think she is good enough for Tru. Add in a mother who is on the prowl for a worthy mate for Rennie, and Rennie’s life is a rush of chaos.

Rennie is another heroine who is real. She struggles with her emotions, her weight after a food binge, her mother, and knowing what she really wants. She’s so caught in the spiral of pleasing people, that she’s fighting to go after happiness. And after her first husband destroyed her trust, she’s not sure she can risk for love again.

I found Rennie easy to identify with and cheer for. I really wanted her to find happiness and a way to navigate the multiple roles and demands life forces on most of us. Rennie learns a lesson we would all do well to take to heart: a happy life is possible after heartbreak if we’re willing to reach for it.

To learn more about how Trish wrote this book, click here for my interview with her.

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