Monday, May 21, 2007

Election Law

Life is a little crazy now that I'm back to teaching a class at Purdue. I love teaching! It just takes a lot of prep time. So since we are in an election campaign, I thought you might to know that the Supreme Court will be asked to accept cert on a case revolving around Indiana's Voter Id law. The law is only two years old, but the Indiana Civil Liberties Association and Indiana Democratic Party have decided to ask the court to take this step after the Seventh Circuit refused to rehear the case en banc (as a full panel).

And you just thought the 2000 Presidential election was behind us!

On a lighter note... yesterday Abigail and Jonathan ran in the Indianapolis 500 Festival's Rookie Run. What a fun event! Jonathan's age group -- the might three year olds -- ran two blocks...with parents :-) Abigail's six year old group ran 1/4 of a mile. It was organized chaos, they now have really fun t-shirts and ribbons -- frankly, I think their's our cuter than the ones we got after running the mini-marathon. And most important, the kids are eager to run another fun run like that. Which is good, since we have them signed up for one in two weeks!

It's all about developing a healthy lifestyle early.

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