Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Skizzer Review & Author Contest

Skizzer. It's a funny word, and the title of a compelling debut novel.

“Something both terrible and wonderful has happened. I can’t explain now…”

With those lines from a letter placed in an old haunt of Claire and her sister Becca, Claire is launched into a search to find Becca. Becca disappeared without a trace, and Claire is determined to find her. But how many long-buried family secrets will she have to wade through in her hunt to find Becca?

This book is a mix between contemporary fiction and mystery…it doesn’t quite reach the level of suspense. Even with that blend, I was pulled through the story in quick fashion. I read this in the days after my daughter was born, and kept returning to the story at every moment I could spare.

The hunt for truth propels the story forward. Claire and her brother-in-law Rainey will cross states and the ocean in their efforts to locate Becca. In the process Claire will have the opportunity to reignite a relationship from her childhood. Both women’s lives are changed and enriched by the search to bring past secrets to life.

I enjoyed this debut novel and look forward to reading more by this author.

Contest: Win a gift certificate for $40 to the restaurant of your over to the blog tour post and in the comments leave your answer to this question:

What's the Most Important Thing You've Ever Lost and Then Found?

A.J. Kiesling will select the winning response based on originality and sizzle!

"This debut novel from Kiesling is a quick and engaging read with plot revelations meted out skillfully enough to keep the pages turning.... [The book has] an adventurous story, a compelling protagonist and thoughtful musings on the real meaning of sisterhood." -Publishers Weekly

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