Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Review: Deep in the Heart of Trouble

Deeanne Gist's latest book is a romp! I thoroughly enjoyed a Bride Most Begrudging -- in fact that book convinced me I could still enjoy fresh historical romance. Courting Trouble was fun, but Deep in the Heart of Trouble was a delightful read. I couldn't wait to return to this book at every chance I got. And as busy as this summer is, that takes a great book to keep pulling me back.

A Texas-Sized Tale of Unexpected Love

Essie Spreckelmeyer is the last woman anyone in Corsicana, Texas, expected to see with a man on her arm. Independent and outspoken, she’s known more for riding bicycles in outrageous bloomers than for catching a man’s eye.

And the last man who seems willing to give her a second glance is Tony Morgan, newly hired at Spreckelmeyer’s oil company. The disinherited son of an oil baron, Tony wants most to restore his name and regain his lost fortune--not lose his heart to this headstrong blonde. She confounds, contradicts, and confuses him. Sometimes he doesn’t know if she’s driving him toward the aisle or the end of his rope.

That’s how life is ...Deep In The Heart Of Trouble.

My Review

Essie had plenty of sass in Courting Trouble, but in this book she meets a worthy opponent in Tony Morgan. Tony has a lot to prove, and proving it to a woman is almost more than he can take. Essie's not so sure she wants him around to prove anything. As the sparks fly, they both try to deny their feelings -- for very different reasons.

The characters are absolutely delightful. There's a full cast, that if you've read Courting Trouble will be familiar, but you don't need to read the other book to fully appreciate and enjoy Deep in the Heart of Trouble. In fact, I wondered if I should reread Courting Trouble, but quickly learned that wouldn't be necessary.

The author did a wonderful job plopping me into the middle of the story and timeperiod. There was no question I was in 1898 Texas. And I enjoyed every moment with the free-spirited Essie. It's easy to love a character who refuses to be bound by the constraints of her time even as she fully aware of them. And the hero's reaction to her was true to the time -- and added to the delightful sparks.

This book has enough plot twists to keep the pages turning and is a worthy addition to this Christy Award winning authors line-up of books. Read it, and you'll be glad you did.

If you would like to read the first chapter, go HERE

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