Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Heart Bloomberg Review

I Heart Bloomberg is the most recent release from Melody Carlson.

Kendall's managed to wrangle her grandmother's house-free and clear-except for the rules. No male roommates. But that's ok, with the right ad she'll pull in some girls, their rent and if she's lucky, she won't have to go to work any time soon.

For their part, Anna, Lelani, and Megan all have their reasons for wanting to move in: Anna has got to get out from under her overprotective parents; Lelani can't take another day in her aunt's tiny crackerbox house overflowing with toddlers and Megan needs a place free of her current roommate from Hades.

Though they come with assorted extra baggage filled with broken hearts and dreams, they will discover they also have a vast array of hidden strengths. And they struggle to become the women they want to be, they'll find new hope and maybe even Kendall will learn a thing or two about life, love and the true meaning of friendship.

If you would like to read the first chapter, go HERE

My Review:

I enjoyed this book, but this book exists to set-up future books in the series. The book wraps up very quickly at the end. I could almost see the calculation -- I have to wrap this book up somehow, and I only have a few pages left to do it in. So if you struggle with books that are tightly tied in a series, you may want to wait to read this book until others are released.

However, having said that, I enjoyed the crazy mix of young twenty-somethings who are trying to find their way into the world. You've got parent problems. Work problems. Roommate problems. Even boyfriend problems. All are treated with humor that maintains a balance in how serious some of these issues can be.

I am interested to see how this series will develop. The characters are there to make it interesting. I will be looking for the next title in the series.

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