Monday, August 01, 2011

Called? or Career?

I'm chuckling. Really. Right now I'm listening to a lecture from A History of Freedom from the Teaching Company. I'd been thinking about what to write about.

Since I've turned in my last-for-now contracted book, I'm back to wondering what God has for me next. Writing? Is it a calling? Is it a career? Then the professor, Rufus Fears, starts talking about the difference between a career and calling.

Career comes from a French word which means a road. A career is a road to something. But a calling? That's something more...isn't it? It's a calling from God. Something I am compelled to do because anything less is disobedience. But does that mean I'll write the rest of my life? There's the question.

I see stories everywhere I go. They hit me from all sides. I just need the time to develop them. But honestly, publishing is scary. Probably always has been, but I'm writing now. And as lines close, ebooks take off, and publishers adjust, it's an unnerving time to write.

But at church yesterday, someone talked about the fact that God has not called us to safe places to do easy things. Instead, we are called to dangerous places to do hard things. Sounds  like publishing. I've asked God to expand my reach...and that happens with writing. More people read my books than I could ever sit down and have conversations with. And stories have power. Power to communicate ideas that we wouldn't readily accept if addressed directly.

So I'm praying. Laying down my dreams and asking God to replace them with His yet again. Because if I'm going to live a faith that goes to dangerous places to do hard things, then I want to go with my hand resting firmly in His.


Anne Mateer said...

I've been in this same place after turning in the edits for my last-for-now contracted novel. I definitely want to continue to walk in what God has for me next instead of assume I know what that is and push for it and worry about it.

Cara Putman said...

It's such a tough balance, isn't it, Anne? This field requires us to always look for the next thing. But how do we balance that with waiting on Him? Dreaming His dreams?

Julie Jarnagin said...

I'm also in this position. I just turned in my third Heartsong novel. I still feel very new to the industry, and now I have to figure out where my place is. Thank you for the encouraging words in this post!

Danica/Dream said...

Great post Cara!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

This is where I am with going back to college. It's a dream for me. Does that mean God is directing it at this time? I'm not sure. I've been praying for peace for months now and I'm struggling to let go of my fears. Mostly of the debt. LOL. But fears none the less.

Great post. I can see your heart here. Praying direction for you in the coming days!


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