Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mommy Brain anyone?

Several years ago, after my youngest daughter was born, I remember reading an article in USA Today about Mommy Brain. Before you laugh too hard, there is science supporting the reality that mothers of infants and toddlers have a condition called Mommy Brain.

It is the absence of long term memory. Some days I think my short term memory has abandoned me, too!
For example, my sister-in-law had a birthday Sunday. I remembered to text her and facebook her. But the card and gift? Well, those will go out today. Sigh. I thought about mailing them when I couldn't to the point I decided I must have done it. The sure sign of an exhausted, overworked mommy brain.

I got so overwhelmed last week, that I constructed the longest to-do list known to woman in an effort not to let important tasks slip away. Or the fear I'd forgotten something important to paralyze me. Even so, I almost forgot to write and post this blog!

But last night I stumbled upon a book that suggests there are wonderful things that happen with Mommy Brain, too. For example, we perceive more as our minds are literally remapped (ain't that the truth! Can I hear an amen?!) We're more efficient -- duh! We have to be to keep up with everything. :-) And she goes on to list several more ways we as women adapt and improve when we become moms.

So what about you? Have you noticed the onset of Mommy Brain?

Here's a link to a TIME interview with the author. And if you feel a bit sluggish and on the side where you're waiting for Mommy Brain to leave, try the tips in this article.

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Janet said...

This is what causes me to keep a running notebook list in my purse so I don't have that paralyzed feeling of forgetting something important. Like a big bill or a birthday.... The remapping did make me more efficient. BUT, I am still not a multi-tasker by a long shot even after kids....


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