Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Starting School Woes

We started school Monday. Because I attend a conference in September, I like to get a few extra days under our belt. I also love the added flexibility the head start gives us.

The morning went great! I am talking homeschool hall of fame awesome. We have this down! Bring me your questions because I have it all together.

Then we fell apart, Math -- it is our oldest's nemesis. She is very good at it. but she fights it...for hours! By 4:30 I was ready to quit. In fact I told my husband I couldn't sign on for another year of the same old battles. It exhausts me just to contemplate it.

Fortunately, I serve a God who loves my daughter even more than I do. So Monday night I begged Him for insight and a miracle as I walked the neighborhood. I need Him to show me how to change to make this work. I don't have an answer yet, but I trust it's on it's way.

Whether or not you homeschool how do you encourage reluctant children to dive in and cooperate on their less than favorite subject?

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Jonah said...

I was like that, good at math...hated it. Mom finally made my finish my lesson in an hour (which was plenty of time to do 15 problems or so). Whatever I didn't finish, I got zero points for. I finished each one in an hour (but not much under) after that!


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