Monday, August 22, 2011

How Quickly We Forget...

Yesterday, our pastor started a sermon on the Exodus and how quickly we can forget God's provision.

If you've been reading this blog this year, then you know I've been studying this. Now the kids and I are reading Exodus together every morning in school. I think there is such a challenge to us when you look at what the Israelites experienced as they left Egypt...and how quickly they forgot.

It humbles me to think how easy it is to stumble into the same pattern.

The journey from Egypt to Canaan even with all the livestock and the children should have taken 14 days. Imagine 14 days to march across the desert that bridged your horrid past from the potential of the future God has for you. And you're only separated from that potential by 14 days...and you.

The Israelites experienced some of the plagues along with the Egyptians. Then they experienced the grace of not enduring others. They painted blood on their doorposts to keep the Angel of Death from entering their homes on the night of Passover. Then they left Egypt with the wealth of Egypt thrust into their arms. They reached the Red Sea, only to have God blow it apart. Then they marched across...on dry land.

But it wasn't enough.

Three days later they're thirsty and forgetful. The water they find is bitter. They want to turn back. Because they've forgotten all the miracles God just did for them.

Aren't we just like that? Humbling isn't it!

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