Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My kids had the best time last weekend. . . it was great to have Grandma and Grandpa in town. But the best part was having a couple of their cousins visit, too.

We live far enough from their cousins (all in Nebraska) that it is a special treat to spend time with them. So they loved every moment. For exhibit A, just look at these photos from our time at Chuck E Cheese Monday afternoon. Have you ever seen such cute smiley faces?

Their delight in each other reminded me of how we are to delight in each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Sure, there were moments where they got tired of each other. Who doesn't over the course of four and a half days of non-stop togetherness?

But they shook it off and got back down to the business of loving on each other. Whether that meant giving each other some space. Kicking a soccer ball all over the damp back yard. Or playing all kinds of card games. That's my kind of togetherness!

And maybe, just maybe, we'll learn how to have that kind of honesty and fun together.

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