Thursday, March 22, 2007

So you want to be a writer....

Did you know that something like 75% of us talk about writing a book? You've probably heard it, too...someday when I have time/money/the gumption, I'm going to write a book.

If that's you, then I have one word of advice. JOIN ACFW (that's American Christian Fiction Writers). Colleen Coble did me a huge service when she pointed me to this great organization. Before I joined, I had a dream. After joining I had a way to learn, people to help, and the opportunity to meet the people that could help me pursue this dream. So check out to learn more about this group and how it can help you pursue your dream.

If you're a bit further down the dream of writing track, you might be ready to enter a contest and start getting feedback on your writing. If so, check out ACFW's Genesis contest -- a contest tailored to unpublished writers. The deadline to enter this year's contest is April 15 (Yikes, it corresponds with another deadline. Gulp!)

And if you're a published author, you can enter the ACFW Book of the Year contest. Maybe this will be your year to knock off writers like Tricia Goyer, Colleen Coble, and Kristin Billerbeck for book of the year in your category. One can always dream :-) I personally feel the need to pinch myself each time I realize I can enter next year!

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