Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Good Rejection and Other News

Yesterday I got word from my agent about a good rejection. Now you might be thinking: good and rejection go together?

In this case they do. The editor liked the book, but it needs more romance. I really am not surprised by that. What does surprise me is that all the other elements are there and she either wants to see this one revamped or something else from me.

That is what we call in publishing a wide open door. (Okay, that's what I call it. You'll have to check with others to see if that's accurate.)

So after about twenty seconds of disappointment, I emailed my agent for her advice and then decided I'd revamp this manuscript next month. I really like the suspense part of the story. It MOVES. And I can figure out the backstory relationship between the hero and heroine that will make the romance come easier. I also attended a workshop earlier this month which has given me some insight, I think, on writing that part of a story.

If you know me, you know that I'm a closet romantic. You know the closet that's hidden way back in the bottom of the basement where you can almost forget it even exists. Guess I'll have to find that part of me :-)

Prayer request: Today our company left (boo!), but that means I will get back to writing. Please pray that my writing muscles will get back in shape and that I will have creativity straight from God to turn Cherry Hill into a legal suspense/thriller. I know the kind of book I want to write -- and believe I can write -- now I just have to sit down and do it!

Other news: last night I set up my shoutlife page. If you haven't been over there, check it out. It's a Christian equivalent to myspace...I'm told -- I've never actually been over to myspace. My corner over there is very much a work in progress, but I've already been inundated with people who want to be my friends. I don't know that I necessarily get it yet, but it'll be fun to learn!


Crystal said...

I am so behind on everything after being sick. This is such good news what the editor said! Now to get to work! (smile)
Becky over at Barbie Girls suggested using the DNA visual (I have it on my blog) to find out things about your characters. Cool idea!

You are always so busy. Now I have to check out yet another place you are on the web. Keep on moving!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

I agree with Crystal, and I love your positive attitude. You're an inspiration, girlie!


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