Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Winter Pearl

The Winter Pearl is the first book of Molly Bull's that I have read. In it you will be transported back to 1888 Colorado, a time far removed from ours. Life was harsh and often filled with difficult choices.

In this book Honor McCall is running from an uncle who wants to force her to marry him. To escape she steals money from a church offering plate, determined to pay it back when she can. On her way to start a new life, the stage she is on is attacked by outlaws and she is injured. Reverend Jeth Peters and his mother take her in and start her on a journey of discovery.

Her uncle sets out to find her and the money he believes she has stolen from him. During his journey, he spirals deeper and deeper into alcoholism until a pastor and his wife reach out to the uncle -- even though they know he has harmed them. Their love and caring reaches through his hard walls.

The story is a reflection of how God can change our hearts and lives when we allow him to. I found I could anticipate the spiritual arcs in this story. And the character development was what I expected to see. So while it was a good story with interesting characters, it did not keep me guessing.

If you like sweet historical romances, you will enjoy this story.

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