Friday, March 30, 2007

Fiction Friday Challenge

Gina Conroy over at Writer...Interrupted posted the following challenge:
  • Write the first three sentences of the fiction book you’re reading.
  • Then write the first three sentences of the current WIP you’re working on.
I don't have the book I'm currently reading in front of me, so here's from one I read this week:
"Kill tonight -- or die. The words burned, hot acid eating
through his eyes, his brain. Right down to his soul."

From one of my manuscripts (you'll have to guess which one):
"A flash of sunlight glinted from the barrel of the gun William Devine grasped.
Fear saturated the air in the courtroom as Hayden McCarthy struggled to suck air
into her lungs. Every bad joke she’d ever heard about the only good lawyer being
a dead lawyer looped through her mind as she fought the tremble that threatened
to shake her limbs."

Now, I'll add a twist to it...from the pool of people who guess at least one of these correctly, I'll send a copy of either The Heir by Paul Robertson or Coral Moon by Brandilyn Collins. The only catch: entries have to be in by midnight Tuesday, April 3.


Gina said...

No clue, but definitely sounds like a thriller!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Oh...I know both, but then I have an unfair advantage. LOL.

Both great great works. ;)

I'm struggling with the first paragraph of my Genesis entry right now. It's so important to grab the reader right off. Your two excerpts are great examples of that.

Cara Putman said...

Hey, thanks, Sabrina. Someday I hope to be in the Great Works catgory :-) Line edits on Canteen Dreams are showing me how to keep improving. It's actually fun!

Chanda said...

I agree, the first one sounds like a thriller.

The second one sounds very interesting, but I don't know...


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