Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrating the random in life

This has been a weekend of random -- and oh, so good things.

Eric tackled a couple jobs on our to-do list, and my heart is singing. Our shutters all look the same color! Woohoo! Sometime in the five years we've been here, they faded into three different colors. No more! Our house looks fresh, and the shutters look great. He also finished a painting project, I'd started. But I'm way too short to reach the stairwell area, and he tackled that for me yesterday. I know it wasn't important to him, but my heart is thrilled!

I picked up Tony Dungy's Quiet Strength this weekend. We've had it since right before it released, but neither of us had time to read it. Oh my gosh. Run out and purchase this book. It reads as well or better than most fiction, and my respect for the man just increases with each page. He's transparent, and if you love football, you'll really enjoy the tale. If you don't, you will still enjoy this look into a man of faith's life. Very good.

I'm an aunt again! Congrats to Joel and Michele on the arrival of their first. We are thrilled that she arrived safely -- after almost two days of labor!

And last night we kicked back with friends for a very spontaneous evening grilling hotdogs and smores. I ate way too many smores, and loved every second. When we lived in DC, we had neighbors that we'd often make smores with. It hasn't been much of a tradition here, but last night was special. These are the kind of friendships that you treasure when you find them. Our kids all love to play together, and the adults have a great time together, too. What more can you ask for!

So I hope that your weekend was filled with wonderful spontaneous times as well as times of checking things off your to-do list. Now it's back to rewrites and synopsis writing for me. Did I mention I made great headway on the revision of Deadly Exposure Saturday night (what you reserve Saturday nights for fun?!). I buckled down and got a lot done. I'll beat this deadline easily. Which is a good thing since I just got the revision letter for Sandhill Dreams Saturday.

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